Law firm specializing in Corporate Criminal Law

Studio Legale Cagnola & Associati was set up in July 2016 and is based in Milan, Italy.
The Firm is specialized in Corporate Criminal Law, an area in which our Team of Professional Lawyers has developed a vast expertise by participating in some of the most relevant national and international trials. Our Team of lawyers provides both legal defense of individuals and corporations in criminal proceedings and advisory services. Studio Legale Cagnola & Associati consistently relies on the most qualified experts and consultants in each area of specialty.

The Firm provides legal assistance throughout Italy.

Our Lawyers also boast a considerable experience with international clients and they are members of the most prestigious International Law Associations.


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    The guidelines of the Firm on environmental issues are very precise: our office management is attentive to energy saving, through a reduction of travels where possible and a careful use of water.

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    The new offices were built with a particular attention to energy efficiency: in terms of electrical and thermal systems, as well as internal materials and procedures, everything is inspired by the highest quality with the lowest possible impact.

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    The firm's commitment and its protection takes shape in a partnership program which involves organizations and firms sharing the same commitment towards to the environmental cause.


Martina Piteri

Superbonus: the criminal risk is just around the corner

The tax credit introduced by the so-called Superbonus is a tax instrument that can give rise to particularly significant criminal risks.


Martina Piteri

Corporate responsibility and criminal risk at the time of the pandemic

The new book edited for Edizioni Top Legal Academy editions is available on Amazon


Last activities

IBA Annual Conference 2022

Attorney Fabio Cagnola participated as a speaker in the panels "Interactive mock boardroom crisis - do's and don'ts when a corruption issue arises"; the lawyer Filippo Ferri participated as speaker in the panel "The transfer of criminal liability in M&A Business Crime Commettee"; Silvia Martina participated as speaker in the "Global anti-corruption update" panel


CALL FOR PAPERS - Internal Investigations: recent developments

Attorney Riccardo Lucev edited a publication for the Criminal Law section of the International Bar Association that aims to deepen the topic of internal investigations with a global approach. The study saw the participation of over 30 professionals from 15 different jurisdictions.



Lawyers Fabio Cagnola and Silvia Martina will participate in the 18th Anti-Corruption Conference promoted by the International Bar Association with OECD - OCDE, scheduled in Paris 14th and 15th June 2022.